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"13 Reasons You Should Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident"

by Lowe Eklund Wakefield Co., LPA

We've put together this helpful guide that contains 13 reasons why you should get an attorney after a car accident. For example:

Reason #2: A lawyer Helps You Settle Vehicle Crash Claims

Only a very small portion  (in Ohio less than 4%) of personal injury claims actually go to trial. The vast majority are resolved through settlement—an agreement between the parties that resolves the claims without a judgment from a court. Auto accident claims in particular are frequently resolved through settlement agreements. An experienced Ohio car accident lawyer can help tailor your settlement agreement so that you achieve the best outcome in your particular circumstances.

Reason #5: A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Represent You in Negotiations with Your Own Insurance Carrier

Following a motor vehicle accident the experience is made all the more difficult because the adjuster involved works for the victim’s own insurance carrier. No matter how loyal a customer you are or how many premium payments you have made, you can take it as a given that your insurance company wants to limit the amount that it pays on your claim. As businesses, they want to save money any way they can, including denying or limiting claims. An experienced personal injury lawyer will negotiate with your insurance carrier on your behalf.

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