Ohio Motorcycle Accident Statistics

There's nothing quite like the freedom you feel and the thrill you get from riding a motorcycle. But, that thrill could quickly come to an end with a devastating accident that leaves you seriously injured.

More Bikes on the Road

As the  weather heats up, more motorcycles are moving from storage to the road. Ohio ranks fifth in motorcycle registrations nationwide, with about 390,494 registered motorcycles on the road this season. 

Injury Statistics

Riding,  whether as a favorite leisure activity or an economically smart decision, results in more fatal crashes than any other type of vehicle accident. Look at the State of Ohio's own crash statistics for motorcyclists who were killed or injured below. Unhelmeted riders accounted for 65% of deaths.


Source: https://www.publicsafety.ohio.gov/links/2014CrashFacts.pdf

Helmets are about 37% effective in preventing fatalities and 67% effective in preventing brain injuries, but Ohio only requires riders 17 year old and younger to wear helmets. Even worse,  passenger riders account for 20x more deaths than the operators of those motorcycles.

Download and Share

For more astounding motorcycle accident facts and to learn how to protect yourself on the road, download our infographic, "Ohio Motorcycle Injuries & Statistics." Please share it with a rider you know and make sure he or she stays safe on road this season--and every season.

Motorcycle Accident Surprises

Most riders have been taught about helmet safety, even if a majority of Ohioans choose to forgo this essential gear. However, the data reveals some trends that might surprise you.

Surprise #1: Older riders aged 61 years and up are most likely to be involved in accidents. It's not just the young and the reckless that crash--they account for less than a quarter of motorcycle accidents.

Surprise #2: Safety equipment has gone high-tech. Motorcyclists can now choose motorcycles that come with ABS braking systems, sophisticated computers, and airbags. There are even wearable airbag systems are intended to preserve the head, neck, and torso during a crash

Surprise #3: Two-thirds of all motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes weren't even speeding! If you're a rider who obeys the laws and drives safely, that's wonderful, but don't forget about all of the horrible automobile drivers on the road who don't even see you.


Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you know a motorcycle rider who has been harmed in an accident and needs help, please contact us right away. With an impressive history of many successful outcomes against insurance companies and other transportation organizations and individuals, our firm specializes in helping the victims of motorcycle accidents. When an unfortunate accident happens, you want someone on your side to make sure you're not treated like just another statistic.