Download the Ohio Social Security Disability Application Timeline for Social Security Disability Benefits 

You’re tired. You’re hurting.  You’ve made endless trips to the doctor. Perhaps you have filed paperwork for Social Security Disability and been denied. Some days, it’s hard to find the energy to keep fighting for what you need. When you need someone on your side, working to tackle the Social Security Disability system, it is time to call in some security attorney

Your attorney knows the daily toll this has taken on your life. She will listen to you, to understand how your health has affected your work—if you can still work at all. She wants you to share your unique story, and will take the time to understand. When she has collected information about your story, she will explain, in plain terms, just what your options are.

You Need Help Today. Download Your Timeline Before the Clock Runs Out.

The fact is, a higher percentage of Social Security Disability claims are approved for clients who have attorneys working with them. That makes perfect sense because the process to be awarded Social Security Disability is complicated, and most of us are ill-equipped to take on a bureaucracy at the best of times. And when you’ve been hurt on the job, this can be especially hard. You can start the claim on your own, but if it is denied, it is in your best interest to contact a Lowe Eklund Wakefield Co., LPA attorney today for a free consultation. In most situations, there is a ticking clock working against you, so don’t wait to ask for help.

Here’s why you need reinforcements: After your claim is filed, your attorney continues to monitor the progress of your claim. If you need to file an appeal, your attorney will help you identify and collect the medical records you need to support your claim, contacting doctors and compiling reports. In the appeal process, your attorney is your advocate, presenting evidence and arguments to persuade a decision on your behalf. Every step of the way, we keep you informed.

Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits can be a complex and challenging process. Setbacks and denials of claims are common. But we know the law, the courts, and the best way to present your claim. And along the way, we never forget you. We treat you with the respect, understanding and the confidentiality you deserve.

What Will Happen After I’m Hurt?

Take a moment to download our “Social Security Disability Application Timeline.” This helpful worksheet shows a realistic view of the typical steps it takes to obtain benefits. You’ll want to read, print, and share this resource so you know how a great attorney can help you move towards your best possible outcome.

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